Virgin Atlantic Announces 'Mile High Club'

The "Friendlier Skies"?

Heathrow, England - Virgin Atlantic announced a new program geared towards thrill seekers in love, dubbed "The Mile High Experience". Under the program, couples flying select flights across the Atlantic will have the ability to legally join the famous "Mile High Club" in the sky. Each plane will be equipped with several spacious lavatories coupled with a twin sized bed for those intimate encounters. The rooms will be padded and sound proof for extra privacy and for an extra charge, swings and a disco ball will be provided for additional excitement.

"We wanted to do something truly unique in the industry", stated Sir Richard Branson. "We've all heard about these secret trysts in the sky, we just wanted to make it more convenient for our guests." When asked if he was worried about any potential legal concerns, Branson added "We will be flying over international waters before the rooms will become available, so there will be nothing to worry about." He then added that the flight staff will be full service. When asked what that meant, he simply winked and stated "On Virgin, you may board as a virgin, but you certainly won't leave as one."

Virgin is no stranger to ground breaking ideas. Last year, the company unveiled plans for the first commercial flights into space. When asked if the '60 Mile High Club' be far off, Branson donned his famous grin and said, "You know, we've thought about that one too. We have something even more spectacular in the works for that. You'll just have to wait and see."

Judging from Branson's past successes, the airline industry will be gearing up for some stiff competition.


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