Survivor: Antarctica?

Hollywood, CA - CBS revealed that the next 'Survivor' series will be set on a glacier in Antarctica. Mark Burnett, executive producer of the series, stated "For the latest incarnation, we wanted to really shake things up. We think this will be most unexpected and will present new challenges to the contestants." As with past seasons, Burnett wanted to find a remote location for the shooting. "Antarctica is as remote as it gets. It's an entire continent virtually uninhabited by human beings. In fact, never before will there have been this many people in this part of the world than when we film this latest installment. It will be absolutely amazing."

Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor is not a fan of this decision. "I don't know what Mark is thinking. Does he not know how cold it is there? There's a reason no one lives there - it's way too cold." Probst also expressed concern over the safety of the latest Survivor contestants, "By now the contestants are accustomed to being dropped off on a remote tropical island. They come in with light clothes and swim wear. What I find shocking, is that they [the producers] are not even going to disclose this up front. How will they even survive more than a few hours?"

Burnett disagrees and argues, "This will no doubt be the greatest Survivor to date. It will really show us how far people will go to out wit, out play and out last one another." He continues, "I'm sure there are enough trees and things out there for the contestants to make shelter and to create fire with. Seriously, Eskimos have been doing it for hundreds of years. I really think that this will be something special and exciting."

Viewers of the show are skeptical of the latest idea. Jeremy Hatfield, of Florence, SC says "I used to watch Survivor just to see the hot babes in their bikinis. They just kept getting better looking as the season went on. I don't think that they can wear bikinis in Antarctica, can they? If not, I'm not going to want to watch the show. It will totally suck."

Olga Gryaznova, a recent immigrant from Kamennogorsk, Russia is not impressed with the idea. "In my country, you deal with cold. I seen colder days on way to school when I young girl." When asked if she would be interested in participating in the contest, Olga responded "If they want me to show how done, then I do it. I make good use of million dollars from winning silly American show."

Filming for the latest installment will begin in June and the series premier should be ready by January 2015.



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