Playboy Says Goodbye to the Centerfold?

Playboy Inc's iconic bunny

Los Angeles, CA - Playboy Magazine announced that it will no longer publish nude photos of women in future editions. "We always hear men say that they read Playboy for the articles and not the pictorials, so we decided to remove them" states Christie Hefner. "We spend a great deal of money on photography and ink, not to mention the contracts for the girls which could be several hundred thousand dollars. If no one is looking at them, why put so much effort in them? This is strictly a cost saving measure on our behalf."

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, thinks the decision is a smart one. "Playboy has always been cutting edge. A risk taker, if you will. Well, this is the ultimate risk and I think we'll thrive with this new format." When asked about the Playboy legacy and what this means for the brand, Hefner states "I think people have grown tired of the excess that Playboy represents. I know I have. I've been living this lifestyle for over 50 years. It was great for a while. I mean, I kept getting older, but they all stayed the same age." He continues, "Now when I look back, I'm learning that there is a person behind all those fabulous boob jobs. Sure, they were fun to look at, but after a while they all look the same to me anyways."

Women's Rights activist Sabrina Hechtman is thrilled with decision. "They've been exploiting these girls for years. It's about time that they come to their senses on this matter. I just don't understand why young men find it so appealing. It's nonsense." Jason Cress of Chicago disagrees, "Jenny McCarthy went to my high school. She's like a total legend there. It would totally suck if we would have never seen her naked because guys like me would never have a chance with a babe like that. Seriously dude."



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