New England Patriots Owner to Purchase the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots

Foxboro, MA - The recent passing of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson has had many fans in Western New York speculating not only if the Bills will stay in town, but also who may step forward to purchase them. Answers to both of those questions may finally be known and will likely be greeted with mixed emotions by Bills fans as it appears that Patriots owner Robert Kraft may be the one who steps forward with a solution.

NFL regulations prohibit individuals from owning multiple teams, however Kraft appears to have a strategy that will dodge this. According to reports, his long time friend, Jon Bon Jovi, will be part owner along with Kraft’s son-in-law and another undisclosed minority investor rumored to be Tom Brady.

“The Buffalo Bills and the Patriots have a long history together”, says Kraft, “and we’d like it to continue for a long time”. Those words should comfort the fans in Buffalo, however it may come with a catch as it appears that the new owners plan on using the Bills as a farm team to develop new players for the Patriots. “We’ve been very successful over the years, however it’s been a while since we last won a Super Bowl.” says Brady. “Mr. Kraft is incredibly dedicated to winning, and this will help us get better overall as a team”.

Reactions from around the league are mixed with team officials for the New York Jets crying foul. “That is not right. We all know who will be running the Bills, and it won’t be Bon Jovi. It’s Kraft. And there’s no way he’ll allow the Bills to beat his Patriots. That gives him two automatic wins next year in the division. How can we compete against that?”, says a team official who declined to be named. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys has a different take. “I think it’s a genius move on Bob’s part. Look, we only have room for 53 players on the roster. This gives them the ability give some young guys actual NFL experience before you move them up. I like it.”


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