NASCAR to Introduce Driverless Cars

Charlotte, NC - Bill France, Jr. indicated that NASCAR is seriously considering the introduction self driving race cars sometime within the near future. “The technology is advancing quickly”, says France, “it’s our duty to explore all ideas and see how we can make them fit for our sport. The idea of a self driving racecar will be an exciting prospect for both our drivers and more importantly, our fans”.

France further elaborated that this will bring about an all new level of fan engagement with the drivers during a race. “It was a huge breakthrough back when we first installed cameras inside the cars for live footage. It brought about a whole new dimension to the sport. I fully expect this to be the next revolution in racing”. France stated that drivers will now be able to do live Tweeting and participate in Reddit discussions during a race. “The level of engagement will be un-paralleled by doing this. Previously, drivers needed to focus on driving, but now they can interact directly with their fans during the race.”

As expected, some drivers are excited whereas others are reluctant. “I think it’s a little odd”, says veteran Jeff Gordon. “I mean, the whole point of racing is to race. They’re taking the fun out of the race. I guess I’m just getting old, but I don’t get it.” On the other hand, some of the newer drivers are a little more excited. Ryan Reed is one of them, “I think it’s very cool actually. I love interacting with my fans and this will allow me to safely do that. I think it will be great for the sport.”

Google has already indicated that they would live to partner with NASCAR to help make this happen. “Racing can be very dangerous, we think we can help make it safer”, says Sergey Brin, head of Google’s skunkworks program. “Anything that we can do to help save lives is very important to us. This will also be a fantastic opportunity for us to further our cause.”

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