Google Testing Subliminal Advertisements

Did they make you buy it?

Mountain View, CA - Google recently acknowledged their testing of a subliminal advertising system that is currently under development. The system works much like current adwords, however, within each ad is embedded a tiny message urging viewers to purchase the product. “With the onset of retina quality screens and the upcoming ultra-high definition screens, we are finally able to produce ads with text that is small enough to be seen subconsciously. It’s a matter of technology finally catching up.”

Google has indicated that the initial tests have been very successful so far. “To gauge the overall effectiveness of the system, we opted to promote a product that no one would typically purchase. The results were astounding, seeing an immediate increase of over 21,230% for the vendor. In fact, the campaign was so successful, there’s a 2.4% chance that you yourself were one of the many people who purchased that product”, said google spokesperson Jordan Gilmore.

Google isn’t limiting itself to just the computer screen with this new technology either. “We’re working on adopting it to broadcast television as well, and also for your mobile devices as they also have very high resolution screens. With our new ad technology coupled with the GPS sensor in your phone, we can determine where you are and actually influence you to make a purchase from a nearby vendor. That last spontaneous purchase that you made was likely a result of this new service. It’s incredibly powerful and we’re finding that we can actually entice you to make a purchase you otherwise would not have made.”


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