Chevrolet Announces New Option for Volt

Chevrolet Volt concept with optional extension cord

Detroit, MI - General Motors announced today that the Chevrolet Volt concept will include 2,000 foot extension cable to help improve range when not running on gasoline. Under the current design, car is limited to approximately 50 miles before the gas powered generator kicks in and then recharges the lithium-ion based batteries. While this greatly increases the range of the car, it still requires a fossil fuel energy source to power the vehicle.

CEO Rick Wagoner, stated "By including a cable with the car, it is conceivable that the driver will never need to fuel up with gasoline again." When asked if a 2000 foot extension cord is all that practical, Wagoner responded "We feel that most people would prefer not to drive long distances to their workplace or to the store." He then questioned "How many people actually drive that far each day anyways? 2000 feet is a quite a long distance, it's nearly a half a mile. Have you ever walked that far before, it takes forever and a day."

General Motors stated that the Volt will available in late 2010.


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