Burger King launches “The Ultimate Veggie Burger with Extra Bacon”

The Ultimate Veggie Burger with Extra Bacon

Miami, FL - Burger King announced a new lineup to it’s menu today, “The Ultimate Veggie Burger with Extra Bacon”. The burger will consist of a ¼ pound patty made from ground black beans combined with green peppers, sweet corn, chili powder and garlic mixed in with gluten free bread crumbs. It will also be served on a gluten free sesame seed bun along with a soy based slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a mayonnaise based spread topped off with three slices USDA Grade-A bacon.

“This burger changes everything”, said a Burger King representative. “We wanted to create something healthy for our customers, and also deliver our signature great taste in the process. What better way to do that than with three crispy slices of bacon. I think it’s safe to say that we nailed it.”

Stephanie Miller, a self described ‘super-vegan’ and active PETA member agrees, “This is the best burger that I’ve had in years! I haven’t tasted anything this delicious since I gave up meat 4 years ago. I just can’t believe they actually pulled this off. Thank you Burger King!”


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