Apple's Mac Guy is a 'Closet PC' User

The Apple Guys

Cupertino, CA - Best Buy employees were surprised recently when Justin Long, the actor who portrays the "mac guy" in Apple's popular commercials, stopped in to purchase a new home computer for himself. "I recognized him right away", said John Beck, a Best Buy customer service representative. "He came in and walked right by the Mac section and then went straight for the PCs. At first I thought 'is this like a joke or something', but then I realized it was for real."

Beck said that he showed Long a variety of machines, however he was not really interested in the products that Apple had. "He said that he's got a few of them at home, but doesn't really use them much. He said that you can't really get any good games for them and that he doesn't like the mouse since it only has one button. He also said that his started crashing a lot ever since he got the latest updates for iTunes."

According to Beck, Long eventually settled for a Dell Inspiron Q6600 Desktop with an Intel® Core™2 Quad processor, 3 GB of RAM and Dual 500GB hard drives with Windows Vista Home Premium. "He said that he liked to play a lot of games online and that he also needed something more reliable. He also wanted to make sure he could still use his iPod with it."

"He was really cool and very down to earth", says Beck. "He joked around a lot and then signed some autographs for us before he left. We were all very surprised that he bought a Dell - especially when he does all those commercials for Apple. He did say that the PC guy in the commercials uses a Mac."


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